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Mixogamasus, a new genus Parasitidae (Acari: Anactinotriches) from Romania

Juvara-Bals, I.

1972 - Volume: 14 Issue: 1 pages: 3-14


Acari Parasitidae Leptogamasini, Mixogamasus new tribe new genus new species Romania


In the present paper Mixogamasus gen. nov., at present monotypical, is defined and its generotype Mixogamasus intermedius n. sp. is described. The following diagnosis is given: an entire dorsal shield with deviations from the normal notocephalic (podonotal) chaetotaxy (19 pairs of setae); the peritremal hield fused with the opisthogastric shield as in Leptogamasus Tragardh sensu ATHIAS 1971; on the pedipalp the two setae on the internal face of the genu are different: the proximal foliate, the distal bifide; the movable digit of the chelicerae has in the female four teeth and in the male two; the female epistome is five pronged while the male s one takes the form of a triangular lobe. The presence or absence of a division of the dorsal shield is considered here as the main character in separating the family in two major subgroups which could be recognized as two subfamilies: Parasitinae and Pergamasinae. Wïthin the Pergamasinae the related genera Mixogamasus gen. nov., Leptogamasus Tragardh sensu ATHIAS 1971 and Phityogamasus (Juvara et Athias) join in the new tribe Leptogamasini.

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1972 Juvara-Bals, I.
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