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Phoretic hypopi of North American mammals ( Acarina: Sarcoptiformes, Glycyphagidae)

Fain, A. and Whitaker, J.O., Jr.

1973 - Volume: 15 Issue: 1 pages: 144-170


Acari Dermacarus Orycteroxenus Labidophorus Marsupialichus Hypopi Scalopacarus Xenoryctes new species new genus Parasites New host records Noth America Indiana


Two new species and one new genus of pilicolous hypopi (Glycyphagidae) are described in this paper: Xenoryctes latiporus sp. n. from Scalopus aqitaticus (typical host) and Spermophilits tridecemlineatus and Scalopacarits obesus g. n., sp. n. from Scalopits aquaticus. The number of phoretic hypopi known from North American nammals is now 18. Among these, three species are hypopi living in the hair follicles; the fifteen others are pilicolous hypopi. Besides the two new species two forms of pilicolous hypopi are reported for the first time in North America, Marsupialichus brasiliensis on Didelphis marsupialis, and Labidophorus talpae on Parascalops breweri. Other pilicolous species known from North America are D. hypudaei, D. hylandi, D. newyorloensis, D. sciitrinits, D. sylvilagi, D. mexicanits, D. tamiasciitri, D. ondatrae, Marsitpialichus johnstoni, Orycteroxenits soricis and O. canadensis. The three forms living in hair follicles are Microlabidopus americanus, Aplodontopus latus and A. sciuricola.

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1973 Fain, A. and Whitaker, J.O., Jr.
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