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Ecology and ethology of Ixodes ricinus Linnaeus 1758, in Switzerland (Acarina, Ixodoidea). First note: numeral fluctuations

Mermod, C. ; Aeschlimann, A. and Graf, J.F.

1973 - Volume: 15 Issue: 2 pages: 197-205


Ixodoidea Ixodides ricinus population changes adult developmental stages arachnid parasites Switzerland


Ecologie et ethologie d Ixodes ricinus Linne 1758, en Suisse (Acarina, lxodoidea). Premiere note: fluctuations numeriques. - Two methods of sampling the ectoparasite Ixodes ricinus have been applied since October 1971 to a population of a lowland wood. The first method (flagging) furnishes an estimate of the number of ticks (larvae, nymphs and adults) during the free-living stage on the ground and on the vegetation. The second method consists in removing the ticks attached to the small mammals. In order to compare the population dynamics of these ectoparasites and of their hasts we have also established a monthly estimate of the numbers of small mammals. The results obtained after the first year are presented and discussed.

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1973 Mermod, C.; Aeschlimann, A. and Graf, J.F.
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