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Two new species of larval trombiculid mites (Prostigmata. Trombiculidae) from Poona District, Maharashtra, lndia

Kulkarni, S.M.

1973 - Volume: 15 Issue: 3 pages: 451-456


Acari Trombiculidae Ascoschoengastia Gahrliepia new species India Poona Khandala Simcus mitrinus


Two new species of trombiculid mites, Gahrliepia ( G.) khandalaensis n. sp. and Ascoschoengastia (Laurentella) guptai n. sp. are described and illustrated from vVestern-ghats in Poona district, Maharashtra state, India. The former is morphologically related to G. ( G.) picta Traub and Morrow, 1955, and was collected only from Simcus mitrinus. Whereas A. (L.) guptai n. sp. is related to A . (L.) kitajima (Fukuzuki and Obeta, 1953) and A. (L.) sellnicki Audy and Womersley, 1957, and was collected from Simcus mitrinus, Rattus rattus rufescens and R. r. satarae. During the studies on trombiculid mites from Western-ghats of Poona district, Maharashtra state, India, more than a dozen new species have been recognised. Of these, two species, viz. L. (L.) sinhgarhense and Gahrliepia (Schongastiella) ramachandrai have already been described (KULKARNI, 1973). Two more are being described and illustrated here. The holotypes of the two species are deposited in the collection of the Virus Research Centre (V.R.C.), Poona, India. Paratypes will be deposited in the V.R.C; Indian Museum, Calcultta; British Museum (Nat. Rist.), London; Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Montana, U.S.A.; and Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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1973 Kulkarni, S.M.
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