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Some new species of Sarcoptiform feather mites (Analgidae and Dermoglyphidae) parasitic of european birds

Gaud, J.

1973 - Volume: 15 Issue: 4 pages: 727-758


Acari Analfidae Analges Beaucournuella Dermoglyphus Ingrassiella Metingrassia Paralges Tectingrassia new species parasites european birds


Quelques especes nouvelles de Sarcoptiformes plumicoles (Analgidae and Dermoglyphidae) parasites d oiseaux d europe. - parasites d oiseaux d EuropeTwelve new species of feather mites collected from european birds are described. Two new genera based on new species are established: Beaucoitrnitella and NI etingrassia. The subgenus Tectingrassia Gaud is elevated to genus rank. The genus Paralges Trt is redefined. The new species with their typehosts are: a) Analgidae, Analginae: A nalges beaitcoitrniti from Troglodytes troglodytes, A. odontothyrits from Saxicola torquata, A. pachysphyrits from Pyrrhitla pyrrhitla, A. scleropits from Galerida cristata; A. stitrninits from Stitrnits vulgan:s; b) Analgidae, Xolalginae: Beaitcoitrnitella loculosa from Rallies aqitaticus, Ingrassia colymbi from Podiceps ruficollis, Ingrassiella discigera from Turdus pilaris, Metingrassia minutidisca from Phalacrocorax aristotelis, Tectingrassia avosettae from Recitrvirostra avosetta: c) Dermoglyphidae: Dermoglyphus passerinus from Passer montanits, Paralges microtrichits from Limosa limosa.

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1973 Gaud, J.
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