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Some notes on the oribatid fauna of salt-marshes in Denmark

Polderman, P.J.G.

1974 - Volume: 16 Issue: 2 pages: 358-366


Acari Oribatei ecology salt marsh ecological complex Denmark


During April and May 1972 the Oribatid fauna of four salt-marshes in Denmark has been investigated. One of these is situated along the Danish Wadden Sea, the remaining are situated along the Kattegat. Several species new to the fauna of Denmark have been found. The salt-marshes on both coasts have a distinct zonation-pattern as to their Oribatid fauna. In the halophyte vegetation the greater part of the material collected, consisted of halophilous species of which the number decreases with the decreasing salinity of the environment. The zonation-pattern of the halophilous species appeared to be more pronounced in the Skallingen marsh than in the salt-marshes along the Kattegat, where the average salinity of the sea-water is considerably lower. In the jitncetimi gerardii of one of the marshes along the Kattegat (near Kalo) the number of Hermannia sitbglabra (the species which is usually dominant in this environment) has been greatly surpassed by that of Trimalaconothrus glaber, which is mainly known as a species from freshwater environments.

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1974 Polderman, P.J.G.
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