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New notes on Amblyseiini. 2. Organotaxic survey of the adult dorsal face (protoadenic gamasids, Phytoseiidae)

Athias-Henriot, C.

1975 - Volume: 17 Issue: 1 pages: 20-29


Acari Amblyseiini chaetotaxy


Nouvelles notes sur les Amblyseiini. 2. Le releve organotaxique de la face dorsale adulte (gamasides, protoadeniques, Phytoseiidae). Very few is known about comparative dorsal adult organotaxy in Protoadenic gamasids. In young stases, not one of these organotaxies has been fully described. vVe there for are not ready for perfecting a general nomenclature based on unquestionable homologies of the dorsal cuticular organs as a whole. From this point of view idionymic glands, sensilla and sigilla are often easy to identify and the status of many uncertain hairs has to be reexamined owing to their topological behaviour towards the formers. In ProtoadeniC cohorts, the organotactic diversity in the opisthonotum is much greater than in the peltidium. This paper is not actually a morphological contribution as it lacks the general (comparative) scale; this is mainly a guide to the cartographical survey and to the interpretation of adult amblyseiine dorsum; moreover this surveying process is quite suitable to comparative investigations in other Protoadenic taxa. The leading aim of the paper is to promote the introduction, into species descriptions, of features characteristic of the described material in order that these attributes take the place of useless familial or cohort features in such descriptions. The cartography of an amblyseiine adult ennomic orthoadenic dorsal surface is given. Within the Tribe, dorsal organocuticular diversity has three sources: meristic, topological and structural variabilities. These are illustrated by numerous instances. The division of the dorsum into organogerous areas makes the checking of the survey much easier and is well adapted to comparative observations. Some advices concerning preparing, observing and drawing specimens are provided. Several basic terminological elements are listed.

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1975 Athias-Henriot, C.
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