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A revision of the family Zerconidae (Acari, Mesostigmata) - (Systematic studies on family Zerconidae - I)

Blaszak, C.

1975 - Volume: 17 Issue: 4 pages: 553-569


Acari Zerconidae North Korea new taxa


In the present paper the author has made the revision of the family Zerconidae genera on basis of the following features: Shape of the peritremal shield; Number and shape of setae on the peritremal shield; Presence or absence of adgenital shield; The connection or separation of the peritremal and ventroanal shield; Length of the peritreme. Author bas redescribed two species described by Sellinck, 1958 namely: Prozercon californicus Sellnick including this species to genus Microzercon gen. nov., and Prozercon praecipuus Sellnick to genus lvI acrozercon gen. nov. Author bas established three new genera in the North Corean material namely: Mesozercon gen. nov., Echinozercon gen. nov., Metazercon gen. nov. Author has to the paper included the key and diagnoses ail the genera the family Zerconidae.

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1975 Blaszak, C.
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