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The immature stages and adults of Geckobia keegani (Acari: Pterygosomatidae), parasite of Hemidactylus frenatus (Gekkonidae) in Costa Rica

Frenkel, C. and Vargas, M.

2005 - Volume: 45 Issue: 1 pages: 77-83


Geckobia keegani Pterygosomatidae morphology adults immature stages Hemidactylus frenatus


A description of the egg, prelarva, larva, protonymph, deutonymph, and tritonymph is given for Geckobia keegani. The measurement of palps, scutum, the distance between the ocular dots, and the idiosoma are given for the movable stages. Leg chaetotaxy is also described. Based on more detailed characters, a redescription of the male and female is given.

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2005 Frenkel, C. and Vargas, M.


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