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Population study of the adults of the spider mite, Tetranychus telarius L. complex (Acarina: Tetranychidae) infesting cotton plants in Egypt

Gaaboub, I.A. ; Hammad, S.M. ; Mohamed, II and El-Beheiry, M.M.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 2 pages: 259-263


Acari Tetranychus telarius plant hosts Cotton population study seasonal variation Egypt


The most strictly result of successive years under study (1971 and 1972) is that the infestation with Tetranychus telarius complex in Egyptian Cotton fields began with a gradual increase in numbers during May. Indices of this mite increased progressively with the plant growth until they teached their peaks in August when plants attained their maximum foliage growth. Then, decrease in population occurred suddenly in September where foliage became dry.

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1976 Gaaboub, I.A.; Hammad, S.M.; Mohamed, II and El-Beheiry, M.M.
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