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The systematic position of moss mites of the genus Anachipteria Grandjean, 1935 (Acarina, Oribatei) in the light of ontogenetic studies

Seniczak, S.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 4 pages: 740-747


Acari Achipteria Anachipteria Parachipteria Systematic relationships


At present the opinions among taxonomists on the diagnostic features of the famly Achipteriidae and the systematic position of moss mites of the genus Anachipteria are divided. Studies on the morphology of juvenile forms of representatives of the genera Achipteria, Anachipteria and Parachipteria point to a great deal of similarity among them. The similarities concern the body shape, colouring, skin folding, setation, as well as the characteristic shape of solenidium w1 on the tarsus of the first pair of legs in nymphs and the occurrence of a protection seta at solenidium

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1976 Seniczak, S.
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