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Reproductive behavior of Rhagionidae (Acarina Trombidiformes)

Ehrnsberger, R.

1977 - Volume: 19 Issue: 1 pages: 67-73


Acari Rhagidia Reproduction Spermatophore morphology


Fortpflanzungsverhalten der Rhagidiidae (Acarina Trombidiformes). - The mating behaviour of 8 Rhagidiens is described, The mites Rhagidia arenaria, Rhagidia clavicrinita and Rhagidia halophila have an indirect insemination. The spermatophores consist of a thin thread topped by a number of sperm drops (Rhagidia halophila) or just one single coated drop (Rhagidia arenaria, Rhagidia clavicrinita). By Rhagidia longisensilla, Rhagidia mitcronata, Rhagidia pratensis, Rhagidia reflexa and Rhagidia danica a thelytoke parthenogenesis was found and experimentally proved.

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1977 Ehrnsberger, R.
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