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Within-tree distribution of spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) in sprayed apple trees of orchards in Buenos Aires province, Argentina

Monetti, L.N. and Fernandez, N.A.

1996 - Volume: 37 Issue: 2 pages: 115-120


Tetranychidae Panonychus ulmi Tetranychus urticae within-tree distribution apple orchards


The distribution of Tetranychid mite populations within three varieties of apple trees, and their preferences for the infestation of certain kinds of leaves were analyzed, in a chemically-treated commercial apple orchard, with terrestrial flood irrigation. The tetranychids do not present marked preferences for certain kinds of leaves in spring, but they preferably infest middle-sized leaves in summer. In this temperate climate apple orchard, the phytophages have an homogeneous distribution within-trees, in spite of variety, architecture and age of trees. There are no microclimatic ranges or favorable sections for the development of tetranychid mites, so sampling by random selection of leaves from any section of a tree could be carried out.

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1996 Monetti, L.N. and Fernandez, N.A.
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