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Ecology and ethology of Ixodes ricinus L. in Switzerland (Ixodoidea; Ixodidae). Sixth note: detachment rhythms in Ixodes ricinus and their ecological implications

Graf, J.F. ; Mermod, C. and Aeschlimann, A.

1979 - Volume: 20 Issue: 3 pages: 327-337


Ixodidae Ixodides ricinus ecology ethology detachment Switzerland


The detachment from the host of the three stages of Ixodes ricinus is dependant оп а very strict diurnal rhythm. This drop-off rhythm is extremely stable and is not disturbed Ьу variations in the duration of the feeding-time of the ticks. ТЬе larvae detach principally during the period of the host s minimal activity, while the host is in his nest. In general, the host is а nocturnal micro-mammal. It is uncertain whether ог not the nymphal moulting occurs in the nest. ТЬе detached larvae ог the newly moulted nymphs leave the nest оп their own accord.

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1979 Graf, J.F.; Mermod, C. and Aeschlimann, A.
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