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Feeding biology and anatomy of the alimentary canal of Nicoletiellidae (Acari, Trombidiformes)

Vistorin, H.E.

1980 - Volume: 21 Issue: 2 pages: 204-215


Nicoletiellidae feeding biology anatomy alimentary canal


Еrnahrungsbiоlоgiе und anatomie des verdauungstraktes der nicoletiellidae (acari, trombidiformes). - In this study, the feeding biology and the anatomy of the alimentary canal of several species of Nicoletiellidae is presented. Nymphs and adults accept as food Oribatei, Collembola and juvenile stages of different soil arthropods. The alimentary canal consists of pharynx, resophagus, ventriculus, 5 сеса, colon, postcolon, and rectum. The epithelium of ventriculus and сеса is composed of digestive and secretory cells. An open communication between ventriculus and colon could Ье proved. An enormous sphincter сап Ье found between colon and postcolon. Accessory glands аге absent. The mites deposit not only excretory сгуstаls but also excrements.

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1980 Vistorin, H.E.
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