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The feather mite family Xolalgidae, Dubinin, new status (feather mites, Sarcoptiforms, Analgoidea) - The subfamily Ingrassiinae, n. sub-fam.

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.

1981 - Volume: 22 Issue: 1 pages: 63-79


Taxonomy feather mite tibial chela of posterior legs trochanteral setation


La famille Xolalgidae, Dubinin, nouveau statut (sarcoptiformes plumicoles, analgoidea) I. Sous-famille Ingrassiinae, n. Sub. Fam. - The Analgid subfamily Xolalginae, Dubinin 1953, is elevated to familial rank, redefined and divided into three new subfamilies: Ingrassiinae, Xolalginae stricto sensu and Zumptiinae. The former taxon is established and defined. Included genera: Ana//optes, Trouessart 1885; Dubininia, Vassilev 1958; Fainalges, Gaud et Berla 1964; G/auca/ges, Gaud 1980; Gymna//optes, Gaud 1968; Hartingiella, Gaud 1980; Ingrassia, Oudemans 1905; Leptosphyra, Hull 1934; Metingrassia, Gaud 1974; Pro tonyssus , Trouessart 1915; Pteralloptes, Megnin et Trt 1884 (= Varchia, Oudemans 1904); Tectingrassia, Gaud 1972; a:ld two new genera: Mycteria/ges (type species = Mycteria/ges mesomorphus, n. sp. on Mycteria americana) and Opetiopoda (type species = Opetiopoda anadermura, n. sp. on Puffinus paciJicus.

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1981 Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
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