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Ecological and biological studies on the mango bud mite, Eriophyes mangiferae (Sayed), with description of immature stages (Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae)

Abou-Awad, B.A.

1981 - Volume: 22 Issue: 2 pages: 145-150


Immature stages life cycle seasonal variations predators


Description of male and immatures of Eriophyes mangiferae (Sayed) are presented. A minimum of 15 days was required for the life cycle of the bud mite reared on mango seedlings. Duration of different immatures was determined in the laboratory at 26+/-1 °C and R. H. of 70%. Mite population density reached its peak in late May and October. About eight generations might occur over the year. The phytoseiid mite, Amblyseius swirskii (Athias-Henriot) was the most commonly encountered predator associated with this pest.

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1981 Abou-Awad, B.A.
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