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Study on the bionomics of Nosomma monstrosum (Nuttall and Warburton) (Acari: Ixodidae)

Khan, M.H. ; Naithani, R.C. and Singh, K.S.

1982 - Volume: 23 Issue: 2 pages: 119-123


Host parasite relationship life cycle Nosomma monstrosum


Nosomma monstrosum is a host specifie genus and species; the buffalo and redents are the principal hosts of adult and immature stages, respectively. Adult activity peaks are in March and September. A single female imbibes 225-446 (avg 357.7) mg of blood. The preoviposition and oviposition periods are 3-6 and 12-19 days, respectively. A female lays a maximum number of 588-972 (avg 750) eggs daily; the total egg output is 2,800 to 6,212 (avg 4,241). The duration of the incubation period and Iarval and nymphal stages are 20-22, 13-21, and 21-34 da ys, respectively. The en tire !ife cycle is completed in 70- 110 days

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1982 Khan, M.H.; Naithani, R.C. and Singh, K.S.
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