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Indian eriophyid studies IV. Record of new phyllocoptine mites (Phyllocoptinae: Eriophyidae: Acarina) from South India

Mohanasundaram, M.

1983 - Volume: 24 Issue: 1 pages: 13-35


Systematic Eriophyids South india


The present paper deals with 15 Phyllocoptine mites from South India of which 13 are new to science. Four new genera have been erected. The mites studied are, Procalacarus aliyarensis gen. n., sp. nov.; Ca/acarus malvae n. nov.; Metaculus foveolatae sp. nov.; Neometaculus bauhiniae gen. n., sp. nov.; Neotegonotus fastigatus (Nalepa); Neomesalox kallarensis gen. n., sp. nov.; Paratetra albizziae sp. nov.; Paratetra integrijoliavagrans sp. nov.; Phyllocoptruta odinae sp. nov.; Proneotegonotus antiquorae gen. n., sp. nov.; Tegolophus gmelinae sp. nov.; Tegonotus coimbatorensis sp. nov.; Tegonotus convolvuli (Channabasavanna); Tetra tephrosiae sp. nov.; and Vasates dhodabettaensis sp. nov. The mites are adequately described and sketched.

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1983 Mohanasundaram, M.
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