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Preliminary note on the mite fauna of mattress dust in Algiers

Abed-Benamara, M. ; Fain, A. and Abed, L.

1983 - Volume: 24 Issue: 1 pages: 79-83


House dust mites Alger


Preliminary observations about the acarological fa tma of mattresses from 6 houses in Alger, are reported. Two samplings were performed in each house. The first were quantitatively small and served only for the obtention of cultures of mites. The second, more abundant, were used for a quantitative and qualitative study of the mite fauna. . Amongst the results obtained, emphasis is laid on the rarity or the absence of mites in the dust extracted from four woollen mattresses produced by the local handicrafs and therefore abnormally rich in fat material. Another interesting point is the abundance of Euroglyphus maynei in the three other not locally produced mattresses and not containing this fat material. This abundance of E. maynei has allowed to obtain, for the first time, laboratory cultures of this species

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1983 Abed-Benamara, M.; Fain, A. and Abed, L.
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