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Effect of different constant temperatures on the duration of development from egg to adult in the dung-inhabiting Macrochelidae Macrocheles subbadius and Macrocheles vernalis (Acarina: Mesostigmata)

Cicolani, B.

1983 - Volume: 24 Issue: 2 pages: 145-158


Macrochelidae biology development temperature ecological niches


Action de differentes temperatures constantes sur la duree de developpement, de l oeuf a l adulte, des macrochelides fimicoles Macrocheles subbadius et Macrocheles vernalis (Acarina: Mesostigmata). - Relationship between the temperature and the duration of the development, from egg to adult, without considering the duration of each stage (larvae, protonymph, deutonymph), of two, coprophilous macrochdid species found in sympatry in many localities of the Abruzzi (central Italy), are discussed. The data are compared with those previously obtained with the same method used for Macrochefes matrius. The main conclusions are as follows: . I) The effective temperature range is between 15° and 36°C in M. subbadius, between 14° and 34°C in M. vernalis, and between 12° and 36°C in M. matrius. 2) The maximum speed of development occurs at 32°C for M. subbadius (average 37,7 h for the females and 36,2 h for the males); at 32°C for M. vernafis (36,7 h for the females and 34,1 h For the males), at 34°e for M. matrius (average 52,10 h for the females and 44,60 h for the males); 3) The most suitable mathematical expression for the speed of development temperature relationship was found to be the logistic equation calculated for the feinales and males of each species. Ecological consequences of the problem are also discussed. In particular, the analysis of the data revealed differences in ecological niches between the fimicolous and predator species which frequentry occur in the same dropping

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1983 Cicolani, B.
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