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A world review of the genus Phytoscutus Muma (Phytoseiidae: Acari)

Yoshida-Shaul, E. and Chant, D.A.

1997 - Volume: 38 Issue: 3 pages: 219-238


Phytoscutus taxonomy biogeography


Eleven species in the subfamily Amblyseiinae Muma share a set of characters that sets them apart as a group from other species in the subfamily. Though no single character is unique only to this group, the combination of these uncommon, apomorphic characters shared by all 11 species provides a reasonable ground for inferring the monophyly of the group within the family Phytoseiidae Berlese. The 11 species are: P. acaridophagus (Collyer); P. bakeri (Gupta); P. eugenus (Ueckermann and Loots); P. glomus (Pritchard and Baker); P. gongylus (Pritchard and Baker); P. reunionensis (Ueckermann and Loots); P. salebrosus (Chant), P. sexpilis Muma; P. vaughni (Chant and Baker); P. wiesei (Ueckermann and Loots); and P. wongsirii (Ehara and Bhandhufalck). This group of 11 species is now recognized as the genus Phytoscutus Muma with Phytoscutus sexpilis Muma as the type species. Differences in some external morphological characters seem to coincide with geographical distribution. Brief historical accounts of the 11 species and descriptions of each are provided.

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1997 Yoshida-Shaul, E. and Chant, D.A.
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