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Parasitic mites (Acarina, Arachnoidea) in wild birds trapped in poultry farms in Israel. 1. Species of mites and their hosts

Rosen, S. ; Hadani, A. and Shoham, D.

1985 - Volume: 26 Issue: 1 pages: 79-85


Wild birds sarcoptiforme, mesostigmatic mites Israel


Six hundred and nine wild birds were examined, consisting of 258 Columbia IMa, 146 Streptopelia senegalensis, 42 S. decaocto, 56 Passer doinesticus, 101 Bubulcus ibis, 5 Larus ridibundus and 1 Sturnus vulgaris. Two hundred and forty birds (39.4 070) were found infested with parasitic mites. In total 1375 mites were collected from the trapped birds, belonging to 16 species of sarcoptiforme and 6 species of mesostigmatic mites. S. senegalensis and Columba IMa were infested with 13 and 8 species of parasitic mites respectively, with the other wild bird hosts being infested with fewer species of mites. The possible role of wild birds as a reservoir of parasitic mites to the domestic fowl is discussed with particular reference to Ornithonyssus sylviarum, O. bursa and Megninia ginglymura. The last species is reported for the first time from poultry in Israel.

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1985 Rosen, S.; Hadani, A. and Shoham, D.
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