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Procericola bourgognei (Oudemans, 1923) (Acari, Canestriniidae) on carabid beetles in South Sweden

Lundquist, L.

1985 - Volume: 26 Issue: 4 pages: 381-384


Geographical distribution Canestriniidae


Procericola bourgognei is reported for the Jirst time from South Sweden, the northernmost Iocality so far known for a species of the family Canestriniidae. Specimens of P. bourgognei are found under the elytra of Carabus (Procrustes) coriaceus. Female beetles had, on an average 3.4 times more mites than male beetles. No sex-Iinked difference in the prevalence could be observed. Prevalence varied around 30 % over the season. The species was found from early July till at !east Iater than August. No seasonality was observed in the frequencies of juveniles, males, and females. SEM-photos show the mites in situ under the elytra. No clues to the feeding behaviour -were found.

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1985 Lundquist, L.
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