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Population dynamics of corticolous mites of the genus Daidalotarsonemus (Acari: Tarsonemidae) on elm coppice

Doberski, J.

1986 - Volume: 27 Issue: 1 pages: 31-36


Corticolous population study elm Tarsonemidae Daidalotarsonemus


The paper describes seasonal fluctuations in population density of two species of corticolous mites, Daidalotarsonemus hewitti Mahunka and D. vandevriei Suski on elm coppice poles. Eight sets of bark samples collected over one year showed population peaks for D. hewitti females in October and a second smaller peak in March. For D. vandevriei females, the highest population occured in January. Daidalotarsonemus larvae were also abundant at certain times of the year, particularly in January and to a lesser extent in June. Adult male mites were infrequent with a single population peak in June.

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1986 Doberski, J.
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