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Contribution to the study of morphology and post-prelarval sevelopment of Saxidromus delamarei Coineau,Y., 1974 .First part. Chaetotaxy of the body and the buccal region

Coineau, Y. and Naudo, M.H.

1986 - Volume: 27 Issue: 4 pages: 303-309


Actinedida elattostatic prelarva developmental cycle


Contribution a l etude de la morphologie et du developpement posprelarv aire de Saxidromus delamarei, Coineau 1974 1ere partie chetotaxie du corps et region buccale - The authors observed the postprelarval development of morphology of S. delamarei, the elattostatic prelarva included. The prelarva presents on its dorsum the same chaetotaxy than the further stases. Seta e2 and lyrifissure ih appear in the larva. The setae of epimeral, interepimeral, aggenital, genital and anal regions are described for ali stases. The mouth is figured in details. It possess four lips.

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1986 Coineau, Y. and Naudo, M.H.
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