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Adults and immatures of Yoshiobodes irmayi (Acari: Oribatida: Carabodidae) from North America

Reeves, R.M.

1997 - Volume: 38 Issue: 3 pages: 315-323


redescription life cycle ecological niches parthenogenesis distribution Yoshiobodes irmayi


Yoshiobodes irmayi (Balogh and Mahunka), a Neotropical species of oribatid mite, is redescribed from adults collected in eastern United States; larvae, protonymphs, deutonymphs and tritonymphs are described for the first time. This species prefers hardwood leaf litter with smaller numbers found in rat nests, conifer leaf litter, tree holes, and rotten wood, respectively. All adults from both field collections and cultures were females, suggesting that it is the third thelytokus species known in the Carabodidae; this may help explain the wide distribution of the species.

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1997 Reeves, R.M.
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