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Field observations on some eco-ethological aspects of phytoseiid mites in Greek citrus groves

Papaioannou-Souliotis, P. ; Tsagkarakou, A. and Nomikou, M.

1997 - Volume: 38 Issue: 1 pages: 29-37


citrus Phytoseiidae eco-ethology Greece


A study was carried out in citrus orchards situated in three regions of Greece -Aegeon, Sparti and Preveza- in order to ascertain the species of predatory mites associated with citrus trees and their population fluctuations. Eleven species of predatory mites (Phytoseiidae) were recorded: Euseius stipulatus Athias-Henriot, Typhloseiulus amaliae Ragusa, Typhlodromus athenas Swirski and Ragusa, Amblyseius potentillae Carman = andersoni (Chant), Iphiseius degenerans Berlese, Paraseiulus soleiger Ribaga, Paraseiulus subsoleiger Wainstein, Typhlodromus cryptus Athias-Henriot, Kampimodromus aberrans (Oudemans), Euseius finlandicus (Oudemans) and Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot. The population consisted mainly of the species E. stipulatus (more than 80%). The population of E. stipulatus showed peaks in June-July for the regions of Aegeon and Preveza and in August for the region of Sparti. It did not exhibit the phenomenon of diapause and all of its developmental stages were represented during the winter. In Aegeon and Sparti the second most frequent species was T. amaliae, with 11% and 6% respectively, but in Preveza it was T. athenas, with 9% frequency. The other species could be considered as scarce. One species of phytophagous mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch, was found. It did not cause extensive damage, since its populations reached a maximum level of 4 mites per leaf.

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1997 Papaioannou-Souliotis, P.; Tsagkarakou, A. and Nomikou, M.
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