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Soil Oribatid mites from Brazil. IV. Oribatid mites from Sao-Paulo state.1

Perez-Inigo, C. and Baggio, D.

1988 - Volume: 29 Issue: 2 pages: 189-204


Oribatid fauna Sao paulo Brazil


Oribates edaphiques du bresil (iv) oribates de l etat de sao paulo (premiere partie). - This paper is the first of a series on the soil oribatid fauna of Siio Paulo State (Brazil). Eight species and one subspecies new for the Science are described and other nine previously known species are recorded. The new species and subspecies are the following: Calyptophthiracarus nitidus n. sp., Nothrus brasilensis n. sp., Allonothrus foveolatus n. sp., · Trhypochthoniellus setosus brasilensis n. ssp., Cyrthermannia baloghorum n. sp., Masthermannia ornatissima n. sp., Phyllhermannia becki n. sp., Hermannobates horridus n. sp. and Plasmobates schubarti n. sp. A new status is given to Furcodamaeus bifurcatus Perez-liiigo et Baggio, 1980 and some errors concerning its · description are corrected.

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1988 Perez-Inigo, C. and Baggio, D.
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