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Two new genera of Pterolichidae (Feather Mites) infesting Anis (Cuculiformes, Crotophaginae)

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.

1990 - Volume: 31 Issue: 1 pages: 57-63


Feather mites Pterolichidae Crotophaginae cuculiformes host-parasites relationships


Deux genres nouveaux de pterolichidae (sarcoptiformes plumicoles) parasites des anis (cuculiformes, crotophaginae) - Two new genera from the New World, assigned to the Pterolichidae (Pterolichinae), are described from New World species of Crotophaga (Cuculidae, Crotophaginae): Aniacarus mexicanus, n. g., n. sp., from C. sulcirostris, Mexico, and Aniibius drepanophorus n. g., n. sp., from C. ani, Trinidad. Aniacarus has affinities with Coraciibius Gaud from Old World Cuculidae and Madagascaracarus Dubinin from African Coraciiformes (Brachypteraciidae). Aniibius does not resemble other known Pterolichidae, even though the curious morphology of pretarsus I recalls Mastigodiscus Atyeo and Gaud from New World Gruiformes (Aramidae).

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1990 Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
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