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The life-cycle of Dermatophagoides evansi Fain, 1967 (Acari, Pyroglyphidae), a mite associated with poultry

Mumcuoglu, K.Y. and Lutsky, I.

1990 - Volume: 31 Issue: 2 pages: 191-194


Life-cycle Dermatophagoides evansi house dust mite


Dermatophagoides evansi was cultured in a medium composed of chicken skin or human skin scales plus powdered bakers yeast at a temperature of 25-27°C and relative humidity of 75-80 %. The mean duration in days for each stage of the mite life-cycle was: egg 8.3; larva; protonymph 5.4; tritonymph 6.6; male 28.9 and female 52.9. The average time required for completion of one generation was 28.7 days. The female was oviparous and laid an average of 35.5 eggs during her lifetime; parthenogenesis was not observed. Adults copulated frequently. The male: female ratio was 1.2: 1.

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1990 Mumcuoglu, K.Y. and Lutsky, I.
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