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Changements during two years in populations of different mite dpecies in house dust before and after a single acaricidal treatment

Elixmann, J.H. ; Bischoff, E. ; Jorde, W. and Linskens, H.F.

1991 - Volume: 32 Issue: 4 pages: 385-398


House-dust Pyroglyphidae house-dust acaricidal preparations mite control home sanitation recolonization population dynamics


In five rural houses under identical climatic conditions the mite population in the house-dust ecosystem consists of the following species: Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, D. farinae, Cheyletus eruditus, C. trouessarti, Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae and Tarsonemus sp. With an average for all investigated textiles of 90 living mites per sqm the most abundant species was D. pteronyssinus. The analysis was done after vacuuming carpets, mattresses and stuffed furniture. Possible recolonization was followed after mite control by an acaricide based on solidified benzyl benzoate (ACAROSAN). During the first 6 months after the mite-control no reactivation of the mite populations arrived. The number of dead mites increased in the first months after the acaricidal treatment. Only 12 months later a slow recovery of the Dermatophagoides species population could be observed. However, even after 2 years this population reached only about 10 % of the original density. A slow recolonization of the mattresses and the upholstery by Cheyletus was observed too, whereas storage mites (Acarus sp., Glycyphagus sp., Tyrophagus sp., Tarsonemus sp.) did not reappear after the single acaricidal treatment. Thus it is to be seen that at least during two years the living conditions of the mites in their biotopes are definitively changed after the application of the acaricide.

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1991 Elixmann, J.H.; Bischoff, E.; Jorde, W. and Linskens, H.F.
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