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Reassessment and new records of Oribatid mite fossils from Tertiary Neotropical amber

Norton, R.A. and Poinar, G.O.

1993 - Volume: 34 Issue: 1 pages: 57-68


Tertiary amber Mexico Dominican republic Oribatida


This paper reexamines type material of the fossil oribatid mite species described by TYLER WOOLLEY from Tertiary amber in Chiapas, Mexico, and presents new records of fossils from Tertiary amber of the Dominican Republic. WOOLLEY S species Damaeus setifer and Damaeus mexicanus are transferred to Oppia; Hydrozetes smithi is transferred to Mochloribatula; Exoripoda chiapasensis is transferred to Benoibates; Liebstadia durhami is transferred to Scheloribates; Scapheremaeus brevitarsus is transferred to Liodes; Eremaeus denaius is transferred to Parapirnodus; and Oppia hurdi is transferred to Arthrovertex. Tertiary amber fossils from the Dominican Republic represent Allonothrus, Oribotritia, Sacculobates, Liodes, Teleioliodes, Dolicheremaeus, Eremaeozetes, Mochlozetes, Oripoda, probably Oppia and Carabodes, and undetermined Galumnidae.

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1993 Norton, R.A. and Poinar, G.O.
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