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Pyrosejidae, a new family of Trigynaspid mites (Acari, Mesostigmata, Cercomegistina) from Middle America

Lindquist, E.E. and Moraza, M.L.

1993 - Volume: 34 Issue: 4 pages: 283-307


Taxonomy forest litter Mexico Central America South America


A new family of trigynaspid mesostigmatic mites, Pyrosejidae, is described on the basis of a group of ten species collected from southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Mites of this group are found in leaf litter habitats of a variety of forest types, including tropical rainforests, cloudforests, and mixed pine-oak forests. Pyrosejus n. gen. is described as the type genus of the family, based on material representing the type species, P. prionotus n. sp., and 8 undescribed species which are thought to represent 2 species groups. The species of this genus are differentiated from another undescribed species which represents another, undescribed, genus. The characteristics and placement of this family among others of the cohort Cercomegistina are discussed.

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1993 Lindquist, E.E. and Moraza, M.L.
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