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The Eviphidid mites (Acarina, Mesostigmata, Eviphididae) associated with Scarabaeid and Carrion beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Silphidae) in Central Europe

Masan, P.

1994 - Volume: 35 Issue: 1 pages: 3-19


Acarina Mesostigmata Eviphididae taxonomy


Two genera (Scamaphis Karg, Scarabacariphis gen.n.) and six species of the family Eviphididae Berl. (Scamaphis equestris (Berl.), Scarabacariphis grandisternalis sp.n., Alliphis necrophilus Christ., Alliphis phoreticus sp.n., Alliphis rotundianalis sp.n. and Pelethiphis opacus Koyum.) are described or redescribed. They were found on dung or carrion beetles (Scarabaeidae: Geotrupes Latr., Copris Geoffr., Oniticellus Serv., Onthophagus Latr., Aphodius Latr. and Silphidae: Nicrophorus Fabr.) in Slovakia.

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1994 Masan, P.
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