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Preliminary study on the genus Pterygosoma Peters, 1849 (Actinedida, Pterygosomidae): Complementary description of Pterygosoma bibronii Jack, 1962, and notes on evolutionary characters of Pterygosomidae

Bertrand, M. ; Paperna, I. and Finkelman, S.

1995 - Volume: 36 Issue: 2 pages: 133-143


Pterygosoma morphology gnathosoma ectoparasitism chaetotaxy parasitomorphism


The authors analyze the evolutionary characters of Pterygosomidae, based on the description of Pterygosoma bibronii Jack 1962, with particular attention being paid to morphology of chelicerae, palp and leg chaetotaxy. The idionymy of dorsal chaetotactic pattern is discussed with reference to observations made on the genus Geckobia.

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1995 Bertrand, M.; Paperna, I. and Finkelman, S.
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