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Variations in the size and weight of adults of Ornithodoros marocanus Velu (Acari, Argasidae), according nymphal blood intake

Olmedo, F.F. ; Estrada-Pena, A. and Espuny, J.C.

1995 - Volume: 36 Issue: 3 pages: 195-201


Ornithodoros blood-intake additional nymphal stages adult morphological variation


Variations in blood intake by individual nymph-4 specimens of O. marocanus influence the number of instars in the life cycle and generate significant deviations in the measurement and weight ranges in the adults. Fourth-instar nymphs may produce an additional nymphal instar when only limited blood resources are available. Male specimens derived from different nymphal instars, from partially engorged nymphs, or from already fed males, show significant differences in body measurements. Males and females also differ in the amount of blood ingested, according to the previous nymphal instar.

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1995 Olmedo, F.F.; Estrada-Pena, A. and Espuny, J.C.
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