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Oribatid fauna (Acari, Oribatida) from a cave in south Nippon (Japan), with a description of a new species

Nakamura, K. ; Nakamura, Y.-N. and Fujikawa, T.

2014 - Volume: 54 Issue: 3 pages: 249-269


Fissicepheus Humerobates (Humerobates) Kumaso cave new species oribatid mite Peloribates Protoribates Scheloribates South Japan Spatiodamaeus


Representatives of six oribatid mite species belonging to the cohort Brachypylina were collected from the upper wall and soil surface at the entrance of Kumaso cave in South Nippon (Japan). Of these, three were known species: Fissicepheus (Fissicepheus) takenouchiensis Fujikawa and Nishi, 2013, Scheloribates latipes C. L. Koch, 1841 and Peloribates (Peloribates) latus Fujikawa, 2006. One species of Humerobates (Humerobates) was described as a new species. Two other individuals did not match any described species and may represent two new species. However, as single individuals, we could not decide with certainty about their specific status. These individuals were respectively assigned to the genera Protoribates and Spatiodamaeus. Here, we provide only morphological descriptions of these single specimens. No typically cave-dwelling oribatid mites were found in the present investigation.

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2014 Nakamura, K.; Nakamura, Y.-N. and Fujikawa, T.
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