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Effect of pollution with cement dust on the edaphic gamasid mite fauna (Acari: Gamasina) in different forest ecosystems from Romania

Calugar, A.

2013 - Volume: 53 Issue: 2 pages: 151-161


pollution cement powder Acari Gamasina


The present study analyzes the effects of pollution with cement powder on the Gamasina mite communities from soil organic horizon of some forest ecosystems. The study was carried out in two main polluted areas - one situated in Southern Romania (Cement Plant from Campulung Muscel - Arges County) and the other one in the North-East (the Tasca-Bicaz Cement Plant - Neamt County). Forest ecosystems located at different distances from the pollution sources were studied and the seasonal dynamics of both the gamasid fauna and community structures were monitored. The study focused on the suborder Gamasina Leach 1815, but the total abundance of the uropodids (Uropodina Kramer, 1882) was also considered. It was found that the percentage of Gamasina mites among all mites was higher in the control forests than in the polluted ecosystems, which was true for both polluted areas. Considering their ecological requirements, their habitat preference, vertical distribution in the soil, and seasonal population changes were investigated. In polluted biotopes, the Gamasina communities suffered from lower densities, fewer species and replacement of some species with others. The analysis of the Gamasina species distribution in the control and polluted ecosystems suggests that some species can be considered tolerant, such as certain representatives of Zerconidae, Parasitidae, Pachylaelapidae, Veigaiidae etc.

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2013 Calugar, A.
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