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Phytophagous and predatory mites in Slovenia

Bohinc, T. and Trdan, S.

2013 - Volume: 53 Issue: 2 pages: 145-150


phytophagous mites Prostigmata predatory mites Phytoseiidae ornamental plants vegetable crops fruit crops


A chronology and review of previous publications on the occurrence and description of plant-inhabiting mites in Slovenia is presented. The list of mites recorded in Slovenia includes six species of Tetranychidae, which were first recorded by Janezic in 1951 and 1975. Thirty-eight mites of the superfamily Eriophyoidea were first reported by Janezic in 1989; seven additional species from the same superfamily were first reported by Vrabl in 1999, and one species was reported by Celar and Valic (2003). One species belonging to the Tarsonemidae family and one belonging to the family Tetranychidae were reported by Vrabl (1999). Four species of predatory Phytoseiidae mites were reported by Tojnko et al. in 1998, and 15 species of predatory mites were reported in 2006 by Miklavc - 11 of them for the first time. Calepitrimerus vitis, Colomerus vitis, Panonychus ulmi and Tetranychus urticae are among the most important agricultural pests. The most important predatory mites in Slovenia include Typhlodromus pyri, Neoseiulus cucumeris, and Amblyseius andersoni.

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2013 Bohinc, T. and Trdan, S.
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