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Observations on five rarely collected genera of Macrochelidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) associated with insects

Krantz, G.W.

1998 - Volume: 39 Issue: 2 pages: 95-109


Lordocheles Synaphaspis Aethosoma Ancistrocheles Trigonholaspis (=Grafia) redescription


Recent reexamination of specimens representing five rarely collected genera of Macrochelidae that I described in 1961 and 1962 has provided valuable supplemental information on their morphology and has uncovered errors in some of the original descriptions. I have incorporated previously unrecognized or misinterpreted features into revised generic diagnoses and have supplemented these with new or corrected illustrations as deemed appropriate. Finally, I present a description of the heretofore undescribed male of Lordocheles desaegeri Krantz, 1961, and synonymize the genus Grafia Krantz, 1962 with Trigonholaspis Vitzthum, 1930.

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1998 Krantz, G.W.
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