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First Records of Lohmanniidae (Acari, Oribatida) from the Bermuda Islands

Schatz, H. and Schuster, R.

2012 - Volume: 52 Issue: 3 pages: 247-257


Acari Oribatida Lohmanniidae Bermuda ecology zoogeography


Records of nine species of the family Lohmanniidae from the Bermuda Islands, belonging to six genera, are presented and discussed (Haplacarus foliatus Wallwork, 1962, Lohmannia banksi Norton, Metz et Sharma, 1978, L. jornoti Mahunka, 1985, L. similis Balogh, 1962, Meristacarus porcula Grandjean, 1934, Nesiacarus granulatus Hammer, 1972, Papillacarus incompletus (Mahunka, 1985), P. spinosus Bischoff de Alzuet, 1972, Torpacarus omittens omittens Grandjean, 1950). Morphological characteristics, ecology and zoogeographical relationships are analysed. Most Lohmanniidae species were found in terrestrial habitats, a few species colonize the salt-spray area of the supralittoral zone or even the upper eulittoral zone, mainly in mangrove leaf litter. Almost all Lohmanniidae species found on Bermuda occur also in Central or South America. Dispersal by hydrochory can be assumed for most species.

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2012 Schatz, H. and Schuster, R.
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