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Ctenobelba apatomorpha n. sp. (Acari, Oribatida, Ctenobelbidae) from the Iberian Peninsula

Iturrondobeitia, J.C. ; Salona, M.I. ; Andres, C. and Caballero, A.I.

1998 - Volume: 39 Issue: 1 pages: 79-84


Acari Oribatida Ctenobelbidae taxonomy Iberian peninsula


A new species of the family Ctenobelbidae Grandjean, Ctenobelba apatomorpha n. sp., is described. Its main diagnostic characters are the length of the sensillus, which ranges between 80 and 100 mu m, presenting a long stalk (about 2/5 the length of the sensillus) and 8 to 13 branches of equal length (15 mu m). This new taxon was previously recorded in 1970, by Perez-Inigo, as Ctenobelba pectinigera. Morphological differences separating these two taxa and the similar European species, Ctenobelba brevipilosa Mahunka, 1964 and Ctenobelba csiszarae Mahunka, 1977 are discussed. Ctenobelba fenestrata Perez-Inigo Jr, 1990 is synonymized with Ctenobelba pectinigera Berlese, 1908.

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1998 Iturrondobeitia, J.C.; Salona, M.I.; Andres, C. and Caballero, A.I.
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