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A new species of Neoscirula (Acari: Cunaxidae: Coleoscirinae) from the Ozark Highlands (USA), with a note on biogeography

Skvarla, M.J. ; Fisher, J.R. and Dowling, A.P.G.

2011 - Volume: 51 Issue: 3 pages: 283-293


Acari Cunaxidae Taxonomy Ozark digital illustration key


A new species of the family Cunaxidae, Neoscirula reticulata Skvarla n. sp., is described from two locations in the Ozark Highlands of North America. The importance of biodiversity research in this understudied region is discussed, as well as the biogeographic connection between the Interior Highlands and highlands of Mexico in relation to this species. Also, in concordance with recent advances in taxonomic procedures, both N. reticulata and all other described species of Neoscirula have been registered with Zoobank. A comprehensive list of these species, incorporating citations of their original description and Zoobank LSID numbers, is provided to aid future researchers. Images were created using digital illustration techniques designed to speed-up the description process and were subsequently deposited into Morphbank. Finally, an updated key to the adults of world species is included.

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2011 Skvarla, M.J.; Fisher, J.R. and Dowling, A.P.G.
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