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Oribatid fauna (Acari, Oribatida) from the Kumaya cave of Iheya village in Central Ryukyu arc, South Japan, with a description of several new species

Nakamura, Y.-N. ; Fukumori, S. and Fujikawa, T.

2010 - Volume: 50 Issue: 4 pages: 439-477


Kumaya Cave new species Oribatid mite Ryukyu Arc South Japan


Eleven oribatid species were collected from the Kumaya Cave of Iheya village in Central Ryukyu Arc, South Japan. The cave is a descending horizontal tunnel of a deep-sea abysmal quartziferous deposit formed in the Permian period of the Palaeozoic era and excavated by sea erosion. The floor of the cave was covered with sand, three to four meters deep. Fragments of psephite are found at the end of the cave. Each sample of about 200 ml was collected by hand from the following five marked points of the cave on 17 March 2010: A, Sand and a fragment of psephite; B, Sand and a fragment of psephite; C, Sand, a fragment of psephite, and litter of Ficus microcarpa; D, Litter and humus of F. microcarpa and Cassytha filiformis, and sand; E, Litter and humus of F. microcarpa and C. filiformis, and sand. All species belonged to Brachypylina: Oppiella (O.) nova from A; Mabulatrichus kumayaensis sp. nov., Protoribates kumayaensis sp. nov. and Zygoribatula iheyaensis sp. nov. from B; Tectocepheus kumayaensis sp. nov. from C; Tectocepheus iheyaensis sp. nov., Oribatula kumayaensis sp. nov., Protoribates hirokous sp. nov. and Haplozetes makii sp. nov. from D; Eupelops kumayaensis sp. nov. from E; Neoliodes iheyaensis sp. nov. from C, D and E.

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2010 Nakamura, Y.-N.; Fukumori, S. and Fujikawa, T.
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