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Survey of predacious phytoseiid mites (Acari:Phytoseiidae) inhabiting coffee trees in Kenya with descriptions of some new species

El Sayed, M. ; El Banhawy, E.M. ; Irungu, L. and Mugo, H.

2009 - Volume: 49 Issue: 3-4 pages: 121-137


Phytoseiidae predacious mites coffee agrozones Kenya zoogeography diversity distribution


During a comprehensive survey of predacious mites in the different coffee zones of Kenya 33 species of phytoseiid mites were reported from 122 coffee farms: eight species of Euseius Wainstein, three Ueckermannseius Chant and McMurtry, seven Amblyseius Berlese, two Typhlodromalus Muma, nine Typhlodromus Scheuten, and four species from different genera. The number of species and abundance of mites greatly varied among coffee agrozones: 14 species in UMI, 22 in UMII, and 21 in UMIII. The predacious mite E. kenyae Swirski and Ragusa was the most common species in any zone. Although Typhlodromus species showed a greater diversity, they were recorded at low abundance. The study included the description of 6 new species: Amblyseius hamisi n. sp., Euseius majengo n. sp., Uckermannseius lugula n. sp.,Transeius maragoli n. sp., Phytoseius kaimosi n. sp. and Typhlodromus ruiru n. sp.; Amblyseius italicus Chant and A. sundi (Pritchard and Baker) were reported for the first time from Kenya and descriptions are included.

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2009 El Sayed, M.; El Banhawy, E.M.; Irungu, L. and Mugo, H.
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