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One host several sucking ectoparasites: conflict and competition?

Biswas, D. ; Ghosh, B. and Chandra, G.

2007 - Volume: 47 Issue: 3-4 pages: 157-163


ectoparasite fecundity blood meal ovariolar dilatations


A study was carried out relating to the influence of two ectoparasites, Arrenurus mite and Culicoides infection on survival and fecundity of wild caught indoor resting and man landing Mansonia mosquitoes. Mean infection rates (%) of Mansonia annulifera and Mansonia indiana with Arrenurus mites were 1.99 t 0.65 and 10.82 f 2.18 respectively. About 91% mites were attached on the cervix. The remaining 8.45% mites were found attached on the abdomen. Survival and fecundity of wild caught uninfected mosquitoes were significantly higher than those of the mite infected mosquitoes (Z = 3.61 and 2.26 respectively). Load was highest during monsoon. A total of 37 Culicoides were recovered from abdomens of 17 infected M. indiana with the average load of 2.176 parasites per infected mosquito and the mean infection rate was 4.41 t 1.24. Average number of eggs laid per batch by the Culicoides infected mosquitoes (63 eggs/batch) were significantly lower (Z= 2.59, against the tabulated value of 1.56) than those laid by the uninfected mosquitoes (91eggs/batch): Culicoides infection lowers the fecundity of host mosquitoes. Blood meal analyses of both M. indiana and Culicoides mosquito revealed that the ectoparasites sucked blood from the abdomen of the host.

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2007 Biswas, D.; Ghosh, B. and Chandra, G.
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