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Descriptions and observations on the genera Ptergosoma, Geckobia and Hirstiella (Acari: Actinedida)

Bertrand, M. ; Paperna, I. and Finkelman, S.

1999 - Volume: 40 Issue: 3 pages: 275-304


morphology tarsal trichobothria tibial trichobothria convergences parasitism adaptation Pterygosomatidae Reptilia


Based on the description of representative species, the problems of host selectivity and morphologic adaptations are discussed for the genera Pterygosoma, Geckobia and Hirstiella. Convergences with other ectoparasitic mites from reptiles (Argasidae and Omentolaptidae) are pointed out (e.g. body shape and size, arrangement of peripheral setae). Pterygosoma expansum n. sp., P. rhipidostichata n. sp. and P. gladiator n. sp. are described from Laudakia stellio, Trapelus pallidus and Calotes versicolor (Agamidae); G. morum n. sp., G. glebosum n. sp., G. parvulum n. sp. and G. dubium n. sp. are described from Hemidactylus turcicus, Cosymbotus platurus, Cyrctodactylus kotschyi and Hemidactylus frenatus. Some details are given concerning the morphology of Zonurobia circularis and Hirstiella sp. The morphological study of characters shows the presence of tarsal or tibial trichobothria in Hirstiella, Geckobia and Pterygosoma. The systematics of the family are discussed. Tables are given for the recorded hosts of Pterygosoma and for the species Geckobia closely related to those described here.

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1999 Bertrand, M.; Paperna, I. and Finkelman, S.
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