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Phytoseiid mite species located in uncultivated areas surrounding vineyards in three French regions

Tixier, M.S. ; Kreiter, S. ; Auger, P. ; Sentenac, G. ; Salva, G. and Weber, M.

2000 - Volume: 41 Issue: 1-2 pages: 127-140


Phytoseiid mites uncultivated areas Kampimodromus aberrans Typhlodromus pyri Typhlodromus phialatus


The aim of this three-year study was to determine the phytoseiid mite species found in the uncultivated areas surrounding vineyards in three French regions and those that can disperse in the plots by aerial or ambulatory locomotion. Plants surrounding two vineyards in these three regions were sampled twice a year. Mites were also extracted from soil and aerial traps placed in the vine plots. In total, 43 phytoseiid mite species were observed. Of these, 13 are recorded for the first time in France. Among the 90 plants species sampled, 21 are reported for the first time as host plant for phytoseiid mies. Three associations of host plant-phyoseiid mite species, often reported in literature, were also observed in this study: Inula viscosa-Typhloseiella isotricha, Typhlodomus (Anthoseius) intercalaris-Quercus pubescens, Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) sapiens-Quercus ilex and Quercus suber. Some phytoseiid mite species were recorded in only one region. Only three phytoseiid mite species were present in the uncultivated areas in all three regions: Kampimodromus aberrans, Typhlodromus phialatus and Typhlodromus pyri. These three species were also the only ones present in the aerial traps in the three regions. Therefore, they seem to have a wide distribution in France. These species, particularly K. aberrans and T. (T.) pyri, are the main phytoseiid mite species in French vineyards. One can therefore ask what is the influence of crop and and of cultural practices on the diversity of phytoseiid mites fouond in the surrooundings.

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2000 Tixier, M.S.; Kreiter, S.; Auger, P.; Sentenac, G.; Salva, G. and Weber, M.
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