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The chemical basis of resistance of pineapple plant to Dolichotetranychus floridanus Banks (Prostigmata: Tenuipalpidae)

Das, T.K. ; Sarkar, P.K. ; Dey, P.K. and Somchoudhury, A.K.

2000 - Volume: 41 Issue: 3 pages: 317-320


Various chemical principle of leaves (total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, silicon, manganese, crude protein, phenol, vitamin C, acidity, lipid, chlorophyll, total sugar reducing and non-reducing sugar and moisture) varied significantly among five varieties of pineapple. Only two (zinc and silicon) showed a positive relationship with population density of Dolichotetranychus floridanus in the varieties Queen (6.80 ppm.), Giant Kew (5.70 ppm.) and Kew (4.50 ppm.).

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2000 Das, T.K.; Sarkar, P.K.; Dey, P.K. and Somchoudhury, A.K.
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